Heavy Duty Generator

P series - 1600-2200kva

Prime Power: 1250 - 2250KVA Standby Power: 1560 - 2810KVA Engine Brand: Perkins Excitation system: self-excited ATS (automatic transfer switch) receptacle Lockable battery isolator switch Base fuel tank for at least 8 hours running 50℃ radia;

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Product Deatail

For 75 years Perkins has led the field in the design and manufacture of high-performance diesel engines. Our continuous development programme allows us to offer one of the most advanced and comprehensive ranges of purpose-built diesel and gas engines available today.
Ranging from 5 to over 2,600 hp, the engines power more than 5,000 different applications from over 1,000 major equipment manufacturers in the construction, power generation, materials handling, agricultural and general industrial markets.

- Multi cylinder

- 4 strokes

- Water cooled Radiator with belt driven blower fan and full guarding

- Direct injection (above 20kVA)

- Electric starter with solenoid Relay

- Battery Charger Alternator

- Energized to rum solenoid

- Replaceable fuel, oil and air filters

- Primary water separator*

- Heavy duty leads acid battery

- One loosed supplied industrial exhaust silencer

- Electronic speed governor (above 80 KVA)

*(depends on range)

Perkins Spare Parts & Accessories :

It is well documented that non-genuine spares can cause major engine failure, and the financial and operational costs of such an eventuality could be catastrophic. Servicing your generator set with us means you avoid this risk and maintain your peace of mind.
We supply a complete range of high quality Perkins Spare parts for Electric Power Generators, which include consumable parts like Filters and Belts, Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR’s), Turbochargers, Liners, Pistons, Joints etc. in addition to the parts needed for complete overhauling of Perkins powered Diesel Generators.
Diesel engines are long-term investments and our spare parts service ensures that your original purchase produces the best long-term results for your business.

Stamford industrial generators meet the requirements of BS EN 60034 and the relevant section of other international standards such as BS5000, VDE 0530,NEMA MG1-32, IEC34, CSA C22.2-100, AS1359.

Other standards and certifications can be considered on request.