News Updates

January 1st is New Year's Day. It's a great day forall the people throughout the world. As the sayinggoes, "A good beginning is half the battle". So, many people go all out to celebrate the important day. On that day, I went to WANDA paradise with my friends. Some wonderful programs had been performed in the park, such  as Chinese Kung Fu, Musical Fountain, Fireworks etc. Everyone here engjoys the fantastic time and shows. 

Besides,  hereby to celebrate GEWILSON group to creat outstanding achievement in 2016. The total sales amount of internal trade and international trade reach at 200 Millions US dollars, which increased by nearly 20%.  In the coming 2017, Gewilson will expand the production line for concrete cutters, light tower, Hydraulic power station etc, and build 2 more warehouse to enlarge the inventory of construction machinery, generators etc.

Dear friend all over the world, Gewilson has great service, quality products, short lead time. Expected to cooperate with yours. Please choose us!! Why not!!